Friday, 27 January 2012

The Fitting Room.

So yes these pic were taken with my crapberry and as you prob guess from the last post I finally got my greedy fingers on a pair of those Isabel Marant Boots! They are so awesome I can completely see myself going for another pair, so, like the true mad woman I am, I called Harvey Nichols and Liberty and emailed Netaporter and Matches to put my name down on the waiting list should any more pop the hell up.
This jacket is INSANE in real life. It's by Isabel Marant Etoile and I was so sad that I was walking away from it instead of walking away with it! I tried it on in selfridges and if it's still there later on in the month then it's mine.
(Gosh, sometimes I think everything's mine until the bank balance says no!)

Such cruddy pics I know I just wanted to share how awesome this new ruched SS12 T by Alexander Wang skirt and Equipment blouse combo looked with my Acne boots but couldnt get a good enough shot. Anywho totes love this skirt but the IM sneaks were about as far as my wallet could carry. Until next time! (And I'll be armed with my new iPhone, or at least steal my sisters' one!)
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Anonymous said...

Love outfit pictures!!! Keep them comin'!
Congrats on the sneakers!

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