Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Awesomeness Now.

What do I think is totally awesome right now?
Cartier Bracelets combined with Rol--ees worn like a G
source: unknown

'Lee-Lee' Medine wearing that ACNE Rita jacket and totally not looking like the Manrepeller she usually is
source: manrepeller

The Clarins Sisters. Need I say more?
source: stockholmstreetstyle

source: milk.freshnet

 Those friggin altered Zara pants
source: 5inchandup

The Litas will always have that extra dose of awesomeness.
source: topshoptumblr

Lovin the fact that the Chloe Susan were re-issued, I am so lucky I got a pair the first time around, but wouldn't mind a cream pair....
source: withloveandlipstick

 Bey. Well I'll ALWAYS think she's awesome.
source: Harpers

Bekket- can't wait to get them on my feet, I plan to go on the hunt this weekend in London town...
source: dependswhatdayitis

Patriotic furniture
source: hiddeninherheart

source: dependswhatdayitis

Awesome ass looking cameras.
source: theamericanlegacy


Anonymous said...

You got a pair of the susans the 1st time??? I am sooo impressed! I am always too late for everything!!!
Get the iphone, get on instagram and take a bunch of pic of the susans for me!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!

Anonymous said...

I need your help about the susan boots sizing! Did you get them a full size down or half a size. I keep getting different opinions about this issue and don't know what to do. Are you usually inbetween sizes or a true full size?

Please help....I can't wait to get mine, regardless.

Tittyfer and Ampleforth said...

I am usually a 40, I could fit 39 comfortably but my feet tend to swell up if I have been pounding the streets all day, so I chose 39.5, which fit perfectly. Def go down a size! xx

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