Monday, 19 December 2011

Santa Baby...

Santa Baby...

OK OK, It's not just a Christmas wish list, its a New early list of some beautiful things to appear in my wardrobe-I hope! (Not all in one go of course..) Of course, one knows that Christmas is a time for family and friends, you are preaching to the most Christmassy of people you'll ever meet. One of my sisters is currently living in China, so this Christmas feels a bit empty, so I guess this post is a way to fill the void, because hey that's what we do, like comfort eaters  over ice cream, we shop. No biggie!

 Some things on this immense list already belong to me, like the Louis Vuitton Scarf...well I have four of them, but you know, I need two more, OK I don't NEED two more but I would like two more. I have the classic Marron one but I've had mine, when not many people even knew the leopard spots were attributed to that of the delightful Stephen Sprouse- it's shred-shot almost to pieces now and I feel as though I need a fresh new one, and the new one in the re-launched red. Uh huh yea baby!

Equipment and Alexander Wang blouses are staples -too be honest, cheap ones suit me just
fine but I go through them like J.Lo and her husbands, so it's best I make smart with the dough and invest in these.
Ever since I read Dracula by Bram Stoker, I have always wanted to saunter around my London Town with a wide-brimmed hat, although pictured is one by Rag and Bone, it's not imperative that I get this exact one, just one good one will do.

Yah, and the YSL ring is also mine, but you know, like Pokemon, I gotta catch them all.

The brogues from Office are called Francis, I like these, not just because they serve the purpose of gallivanting around London/Stockholm/Brussels/Copenhagen/Paris (delete as appropriate) but the price is great too, we're not all made of moolah y'know.

I have some nice belts but I like to keep things to a minimum, capsule like if you will, I like to own only max of 5 things, like 5 rings by YSL or 5 pairs of Marni Flats get the point..(!) There is no need for 20 belts at 10 pounds each when you can have 5 really nice belts, whether they be vintage, high street or lux, so when I spied the Mulberry Polly Push Lock belt in Black on Cat Deeley earlier this year, it totally made sense. Classic chic and simple, but like in the SALE of course!

Oh and that Mulberry Tillie in Suede croc just has to be mine. Mine. MINE.

...Er Moving on to the Kurt Geiger Gen platform sandals in Black, I have been eyeballing the hell out of them since they came and like mental health patient, I rushed to the KG website only to find to my utter disappointment they did not go on sale. FROWN.

I love Kimonos, namely Topshop ones so I just gotta shop the crap outta Topshop this Christmas and New Year and bag a couple of those.

I got the hook-up for the Hermes 'H' bracelet which I must def have in the new year, but like everything else which carries an extensive range, it will probably take me till 2013 to finally decide on the colour combo I want, so maybe I'll have 2. What the hell right? Investments yah?

Moving on to the Black Pumps by Charlotte Olympia, Lotties, are staples in every glamour girl, blog-ganistas and the general all round purveyors of general fashions' wardrobe in my opinion.

I want want want the T by Alexander Wang wrap skirt too. If you check out Emmy, this hot chicka from Texas, you'll oberve she rocks it with her lux garb in the bewilderingly hot statr of Texas sooooo well.

Now, generally I am quite adverse to the latest techno gadgetry, which is why I do not have the latest, iPhone or iPad for that matter but after like a centurion of stalking other blogs, lifestyle, food and fashion alike, it hit me, like Naomi Campbell's assistant with her jewel encrusted phone, I realised, I really need to get my sh*t together and get a goddamn camera. So an older model SLR digital Canon or Nikon will indeed suffice, then at least you can come with me on my trot-skiing around London, taking pics of what I ate for breakfast, pics of my shoes, and other terribly predictable things we bloggers like to do.

Barbour jackets are important if one wants to keep up the merry appearance of a country bumpkin in the city, so the new year cannot begin without the Barbour Bedale in Olive or Sage.

As mentioned briefly in my last post, I love skincare more than make-up but when one is faced with an impromptu invite to a soiree at say Soho house or whatever, then the classic red lippy from Chanel is best. I like dense scents that are not too alcohol,-based so I tend to shy away from mainstream scents particularly ones that are advertised on TV. You'll find me lurking around the darkest depths of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Penhaligons on the Kings Road in order to find the perfect scent, like this one from Chanel called 'Jersey', but I could do with 'Beige'.
Need I explain why I need those Black Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots? No I didn't think so.
That big black box which you see in the centre is indeed the Prada Saffiano Tote in Black. An extortionate amount of money in my opinion, but I never let my opinions get in the way of my buying habits- well what ever. It must be bought at the end of January to congratulate my alter ego Harriet for securing a post at a top London based Talent Agency.

Finally, and for no apparent reason, I just HAVE TO HAVE the Isabel Marant Bekett Sneakers to add to my ankle boot collection, I love that they have a built in wedge, because I require a bit of height when I'm trotting about town, I love the way they give a nod to the 90s retro-sneaks-of-old with block colours and Velcro straps. Even if I can't get them, I just have to Lust over them!

Byeeeee! x

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Ok, you have great taste, I could wear everything in that collage! Especially that delicious prada tote and those charlotte olympia shoes...

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