Thursday, 15 December 2011

Boogie Nights.

Have you been wondering what I've got up to?
Probably not. In anycase, I'd thought I'd share my goings on with my first ever photo diary starting with an epic night out.

What: Mulberry Xmas Party Where: Shoreditch House When: 13th Dec '11 How: Dunno!
arty farty

The only way is up! (Er to the Rooftop pool that is!)
Melissa aka Alabama Worley (Go see True Romance!)

Are you on the wrist?? Well then you can't come in.

Ellie and Kimia

Arrgh! There's a spider, Quick everybody kill it!
That includes you:  Christian Louboutin Studded Loafers, Gianfranco Ferré Sandals and Gold Glitter Miu Miu Pumps!

Mulberry making love to Pucci

Emergency pit-stop
- wait! Look at those blue velvet shoes in the background

If I stare at these candles long enough..maybe I could light them... It worked! Hooray!

"DJ please, pick up your phone I'm on the request line.."

Righty-o, off we go then, I shall get my waddling shorts...

Goodbye y'all!
me, Chloé & Ange

all pics by: me and Chloé Jackson

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