Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inspo in a day 1.2

"Mummy, there's a giraffe in the cupboard..."
Mulberry S/S 2012
source: blondinbella

jonesin' for some mono-chromsin'

hello? hello? Where is everybody....

seeing double. Emma and Lucy Chadwick
source: backyardbill

protection. Armour ring-you know I'm obsessed!
source: mij-a-porter

Bouquet of ruffles

If Betty Boop were human...

"I just HAD to break out of Hatties' Antiques...(gasp) it's been 57 years... won't someone please just sit on me?!"

Flare path

...a long day of intense bunburying in the country. Time to retire to the city.


Ahhhh. *relaxed* After all that inspo action, its time for a cuppa.

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